YouTube says natural medicine CBD videos are dangerous to society just like bomb-making videos

In an almost unprecedented move against free speech and the free flow of information, video content giant YouTube has officially shuttered the Natural News channel over a short video, not even one minute long, that explains how CBD oil from the cannabis plant helped a middle-aged woman overcome terminal cancer.

The 43-second clip, which features imagery of cannabis plants growing naturally, tells a story that we hear all too often these days of a cancer patient whose conventional chemotherapy treatments failed her. She decided to try CBD oil derived from cannabis instead, and just two years later she found herself in complete remission.

This was two years after Big Pharma doctors had previously told her that she only had six weeks to live – which probably would have been true had continued taking the chemotherapy poisons they were administering to her. But she chose nature instead, and now she’s a living, walking miracle demonstrating the healing power of cannabis.

It’s a truly beautiful, heartwarming story that we here at Natural News were proud to share with the world – and one that we never could have imagined would have triggered the censorship brigade over at YouTube.

In a notice sent out after YouTube had already removed the video, it was revealed that YouTube “doesn’t allow content that encourages or promotes violent or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death.” In other words, YouTube views CBD oil as dangerous and “violent.”

YouTube provided a few examples of what’s prohibited on its site, including videos showing “drug abuse, underage drinking and smoking, or bomb making.” This implies that YouTube views a harmless plant extract like CBD oil through the lens of “drug abuse,” which is, quite frankly, insane.

The time is ripe for a MASS EXODUS from YouTube

What’s even more insane is that YouTube sees the use of CBD oil to cure cancer as being no different than a terrorist who builds a pipe bomb in his kitchen to destroy human life. To YouTube, both acts are dangerous and “violent,” and have no place on YouTube.

This says a whole lot about the mindset of YouTube’s leadership, seeing as how the site has no problem spreading content that’s utterly vulgar, perverse, and completely inappropriate for normal viewing.

In other words, information about how natural plant extracts can be used to get healthy is prohibited content at YouTube, but videos that teach young people about how to use anal beads or how to become transgender is completely acceptable and actively welcomed at YouTube.

The good news is that YouTube isn’t the only video content website out there, and free-thinking people would do well to abandon the site entirely for greener, less-censored pastures. By the way, the 43-second video that triggered YouTube to remove Natural News from its platform is still available for viewing on the Vimeo platform.

“This true report of saving a woman’s life with natural medicine is now apparently considered ‘dangerous to society’ by YouTube / Google, which has repeatedly shown itself to be the real danger to society,” commented Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, about this recent shocking development.

“YouTube, in other words, has become the destroyer of health, knowledge and wisdom. YouTube wants more people to suffer from cancer in order to prop up the profits of the pharmaceutical cancer industry that funds Google advertising operations. Is anyone really surprised anymore?”

We’re also proud to announce that our own uncensored alternative to YouTube, known as, will very soon launch this Independence Day. To learn more about this amazing new platform and what it will offer come July 4, 2018, visit

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